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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to buy a gun?

A: To purchase a long gun (shotgun or rifle) you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Indiana or a bordering state (Illinois residents may face restrictions). To buy a handgun, receiver, pistol gripped shotgun, or NFA firearm you must be at least 21 years old and a resident of Indiana. For all firearm purchases you must present a valid photo ID that includes your current address (drivers license, state ID card, military ID w/ current orders). The actual buyer must also complete ATF Form 4473 and be granted a proceed response to a "national instant criminal search" or "NICS" background check. The check takes about 5 minutes to complete ( This does not apply to NFA firearms ).

Q: I am a resident of another state, can I buy a gun in Indiana?

A: If you are a resident of a state bordering Indiana you may buy a long gun (Illinois residents may face restrictions). If you are a resident of a state other than Indiana, you may still buy either a long gun or handgun, but we must ship the gun to another federal firearm license dealer (FFL) in your state of residence. The FFL in your state will perform the NICS check and often charge about $25 for the service. The buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

Q: Is there a waiting period to buy a gun?

A: Indiana law does not require a waiting period. However, if a person receives a "Delayed" response from NICS the firearm cannot be transferred for up to 3 business days, while they continue their review. If we do not hear from NICS after three business days we may transfer the gun(s) to the buyer at our discretion.

Q: Are silencers and machine guns legal to own in Indiana?

A: It is legal for Indiana residents to own National Firearms Act (NFA) defined firearms. These include silencers, machine guns, short barreled rifles (SBR), and any other weapons (AOW). A “Tax Stamp” is required for ownership and costs a one time fee of $200.00 per firearm. The application for the tax stamp is submitted to the BATFE and can take from 60-120 days to be approved.

Q: How do I obtain a License to Carry a Handgun (LTCH) in Indiana?

The application is really a two part process beginning with a recommendation from your local law enforcement agency and then the application is sent to the Indiana State Police.  The Indiana State Police Superintendent is charged with the responsibility of actually issuing the license and administering the licensing program. An application is currently composed of three separate documents: 1) the original application, 2) the supplemental application, and 3) a blue FBI applicant fingerprint card. A money order or certified check made payable to the state of Indiana for the proper amount must be included.

Online LTCH Application (Not available to all counties)

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